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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing advertising

Definition of Viral Marketing / advertising:

Technique to increase brand or product awareness through social media.

Success of viral marketing campaign depend on idea and creativity of person or company who want’s to promote product through social networks. If general web users like information which posted online they begin to share it with others through messaging, chats, forums, e-mail etc. “Word or mouth” could create “snowball” when information appear everywhere as most visited, best rated, featured… bringing even more attention and even global media coverage through printing press, TV networks, radio.

Effect for your business could be incredible. Funny video, good picture, creative slogan, new product, amazing post, or even stupid idea could be noticed worldwide by millions people. This effective advertising campaign increase brand recognition, customers, and business partners.

Examples of successful viral marketing campaigns:

  • In 1975 (way before people began Google and Digg information) Pet Rock became worldwide sensation. Regular rock was promoted as if it were real live pet. Creator Gary Dahl sold millions rocks worldwide for $3 each.

  • Gorilla ad posted by Cadbury Schweppes on video social sites recieved over 10 millions viewers on YouTube only and heavy press coverage absolutely for free. View video

  • ”Will it blend?” videos posted online by company BlendTec got over 50 million people who watched it. Short clips where actor destroyed iPhone, iPod, glowsticks, golf balls and other stuff became online sensation and helped company to sell thousands blenders. See their videos.

  • In 2005 student Alex Tew created one page website called MillionDollarHomepage offering companies to buy 100 pixels of ad space for $100. His idea became sensation in social media and story was picked by major news agencies. Alex earned over $1 million when he sold last space on his site and became a creator of entire industry called pixel marketing.

  • Web developer Badi Jones posted quality article on Digg which was later featured by members. In one day his blog received over 23 000 unique visitors. This success made Badi Jones to become important figure in blogosphere and SEO industry.

Creating campaign which could go viral.

Viral marketing could cost really cheap. It based on humor, creativity, talent, and unique skills to provide information. Regular video / picture camera could be enough to come up with idea. All you have to do, just post it on social networks and fee if it bring result. Failure shouldn’t put you down, many companies failed 10-30 times before they finally succeeded.

Tips which can help you to create successful campaign:

  • Ad shouldn’t be just funny or creative. It should represent alternative ideas to view things.

  • Response to recent events could become viral.

  • Working with talented actors or charismatic individuals could increase chance to spread the world.

  • Try past ideas which failed.

  • Right after you posted something you should inform your friends and family. Use MySpace or Facebook to send link or post video in your friend comment block.


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