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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Google Walks Down Fashion Avenue: The Oogle Sari

Saptarshi Roy Chaudhury wrote about a design in Satya Paul's latest collection named "Oogle sari." As you can see above, it looks like a sari made up of the Google web search results.

I don't know much about clothing design, but when Google makes it to a designer's line - I think maybe we have become too obsessed with Google!

If you look closely at the design, the URL in the browser address field is, for the Satya Paul online store. I went over to try and find the Oogle Sari for sale, but I couldn't find it listed.

I tried a few site-specific searches for "oogle sari" and "oogle" and then google, when Google itself suggested that term. Still no Oogle Sari, but it did bring up this reciprocal link page listing Cialis suppliers!


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