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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ratios for SEO Measurement

After doing a recent SEO Audit, I started musing about all the different mathematical ratios we use to calculate the SEO strength of a website.

Text to Code Ratio:
We know that one of the factors that search engines use in ranking a webpage is the percentage of text on a web page. Simply put, “Text to Code ratio” is the amount of text on the page / the amount of html code on the page; expressed as a percentage. Search Engines use this ratio to determine the relevancy of a webpage. The higher the % of text to code ratio, the greater chance you have of ranking higher.

Text to Links ratio:
Is there an ideal amount of links to have on a page?
Is there a specific amount of links on a page when Google will stop attributing SEO value?
Is there a magic number of links with the keyword in the anchor text that boosts position in the SE’s?
Is there a secret text to link ratio?

Deep Link Ratio:
This ratio calculates the ratio of deep links — links to internal pages — versus the number of links to the homepage.

Keyword Density Ratio:
This is a measure of your keyword to the total text on the page; expressed as a percentage.

Return on Advertising Spend ratio:
A simple formula to calculate ROAS is: (Revenue-Advertising Cost)/ Advertising Cost. Then, multiply the ROAS by 100 to express as a percentage. Figure out how much new sales revenue resulted from Organic traffic from a keyword. For example, if you spent $10,000 in a month for SEO, but your Sales Revenue from that Keyword was $1,000,000, then more than likely the SEO campaign was a success.

Internal Link Percent:
The Internal Link Percent is the percentage of pages on the domain that link to the Target URL. To perform this manually on Yahoo, you’ll need to perform two (2) queries:
site:domain.com , then link:http://www.domain.com/target-url.html site:domain.com . The first will tell you how many pages are on the site, and the second will tell you what number of pages on that site link to the URL. You can then calculate the percentage manually.

Share of Traffic ratio:
Is defined as the ownership of clicks related to total keyword search volume. Basically, Share of Traffic is the traffic of a keyword expressed as a percentage of the universe of total traffic for the keyword.

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