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Sunday, January 13, 2008

52 ways to get quality link

52 ways to build 1 quality link every week during 52 weeks of 2008.

1.  Submit link in niche directories which related to your site. Good list of niche directories you can find on DirectoryCritic niche directory list.

2.  Find bloggers with related blogs and subscribe for their feeds. Give good comments and share information with them, it is 100% guarantee that 1/10 of them will link your site in the future.

3.  Sign up with the most popular social networks and add your link in profile.

4.  Participate in forums sharing information with other members. Put link in signature.

5.  Review websites of your competitors and find who link them back. Use backlink checkers like LinkVendor , Domain-pop , or Webmaster Toolkit.

6.  Find the most popular related websites. Many of them might offer link exchange option, resource directory, or accept content from third party organizations and users.

7.  Write some good articles and submit them in the most popular article directories like EzineArticles. Only popular article websites!

8.  Go through services you were using in the past and see if they keep testimonials page. Ask if they need a good feedback. Your link could appear next to your name.

9.  Try to submit your site in DMOZ or Lii again.

10.  Create surveys on your site and publish results on a regular basis. People love statistic and you can get good natural links.

11. Use social bookmark websites to add your link, but be careful and do not spam.

12.  Submit your site in 100 top rated free directories on DirectoryCritic.

13.  Submit RSS feeds in news networks, if you don’t have news pages or weblog on your site… it mean that you are running your business like it is 1998. You should get one!

14.  Google information where you can submit link. Type “website niche submit link”, “website niche resources”, “website niche links” etc. You will find a lot of pages where you can submit your site.

15. Create “Link to us” page on your website. It works!

16.  Ad social bookmark widget on your website.

17.  Find way to create backlinks automatically, you can put link us back message if you provide some tools or service like “credit calculator”. Ask you webmaster to create simple tool which anyone can copy and paste on their blog or website, this option can “boost” your backlinks.

18.  Write breakthrough content which people will love to link back. For example: Owner of a travel website which offer trips to Canada can post article called “25 weird places to visit in Toronto after midnight.” Article like this will receive good amount of readers through social networks and will get some links from bloggers (99% guarantee).

19.  Companies and corporations! Use your swag to build backlinks. Send your company t-shirts, hats, mugs to 1000 bloggers and you will see result checking your Technorati reactions.

20.  Be friendly, link more websites. Webmasters find websites who link them really quick. In exchange you can get good future reviews.

21.  Write press release and submit it in press release networks like PrWeb. Read this to understand more about press release submission: Submitting Press Releases to Help Search Engine Optimization, Press Release SEO, Press Release SEO Tips.

22.  Use ping services for your blog, news pages, and RSS feeds.

23.  Get link this page tool (the same like on YouTube pages) for your site. Tool like this for WordPress you can find here.

24.  Create affiliate program if you sell product or service. Make sure that your links are regular links with tracking code (not JavaScript).

25.  It is useful to use social shopping networks if you sell product or service. Read about social shopping networks in NY times.

26.  Send t-shirt to Jeremy Shoemaker (www.shoemoney.com ). Your link will appear on Fridays.
Visit Wiki websites and without spamming submit your link if you provide useful information.

27.  Apply your website for different contests like best design, rank websites, best content, best related resources etc. Maybe you will never win, but your link will stay in archive.

28.  Try to reach public media. Read magazines, newspapers, watch TV. Remember people who wrote article or news report and contact them directly to provide useful information they might interesting in.

29.  There are a lot of networks where you can tag your own and other websites. Many people call them Web 2.0 networks and it is pretty easy to tag your site and get extra link. Read what Andy Beard teach about tagging.

30.  Create blog directory on your site and ask bloggers to place your button in the sidebar for link submission. Approve only quality blogs.

31.  The same way like in #30 you can create reciprocal directory on your website approving only good submissions.

32.  Content or award program will bring more backlinks to your website especially from forums and blogs. Just spread the world that you will pay $100 to most active user or give $20 gift card to everyone who will….

33.  Find good content writer. Maybe someone in your family can help?

34.  Almost everyone you know use Facebook, LiveJournal, MySpace, LinkedIn etc. Ask them to link your site. You will be surprised to find how many people actually have a website or weblog!

35.  Build .gov, .mil, . edu links. To find this websites you can type on Google: site:.edu your site keyword. For our site it would be site:.edu seo. See if there are any legal ways to suggest resources or contact person who manage pages.

36.  Visit social sites where people share knowledge (Kasamba, Yahoo Answers, 43Things etc).

37.  Without spamming submit your link when it benefit others.

38.  Allow your employees to blog!

39.  Create blog for your grandmother!

40.  Submit your website in Business directories and networks. Even if it is your hobby website, you can still create “About” and “Privacy” page telling people that you are non-profit organization.

41.  Deep links is the most important part of search engine optimization. Create deep links using social networks.

42.  Submit your site in quality directories which allow deep link submission.

43.  Remember about place where you live! Submit your site in local directories and networks.

44.  Write content for your reader, not for search engine.

45.  Create podcast. There are millions places where you can tell about your podcast. How to make podcast?

46.  Allow people to subscribe for your feeds or receive updates in their mailbox. If you don’t have RSS Feeds… you should get one.

47.  Create new service on your site: marketplace, forum, blog, classifieds etc. Every new service on your site will give you a chance to build even more backlinks.

48.  Get some good buttons (mostly from social sites) if they provide link back. Buttons from networks like MyBlogLog or MyPagerank can provide backlink and improve your site user experience and design.

49.  Link your Alexa profile. It is almost impossible that search engine spiders will reach your Alexa profile by themselves. Linking your own Alexa page you let Google, Yahoo, MSN find your link on Alexa and give extra credit to your site.

50.  Always link your own profiles in social networks.

51.  Use Seochat Pagerank Search Tool.

52.  365 days is enough to find and try some ideas which might become viral.

BY:   Sergey Rusak

Source:    http://www.techwebmedia.com/2008/01/04/52-ways-to-get-quality-link/

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