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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Welcome to the All-New Yahoo! Video

Hey Yahoo! Video viewers and creators (and those that do both),

Notice anything different about Yahoo! Video? As you can tell we’ve really changed things around here and I’m really excited about it. I love online video, and our new site makes everything about viewing, uploading, organizing, and presenting online video better. Yahoo! Video is now your one-stop shop for all video on Yahoo!, including music, movies, TV, news, sports and a whole lot more.

  • A wider viewing experience: Yahoo! Video supports a 16:9 cinematastic player that’s far ahead of what most sites are offering. And the video looks great.
  • More content: Yahoo! Video is now about the whole spectrum of video found throughout Yahoo!, including music, movies, TV, news, sports, and a whole lot more. And we’re still committed to featuring the best videos from our talented community of independent video creators.
  • Bigger files: Speaking of our creators, we’ve raise the max file size to 150 megabytes, so you can upload longer, higher quality video.
  • An expanded browsing experience: Discover more video through networks, playlists, and related videos.
  • More sharing: Not only can you embed individual videos on your blog or site, you can create your own curated video experience with embeddable playlists. This is seriously cool. Take a look at this example.
  • More in-depth profiles: Your profile page now says a lot more about you. Pick your own nickname, fill the page with your favorite playlists and videos, add contacts and fans, and read and write comments.

And let’s be honest, there are a few things from the old Yahoo! Video you won’t miss:

  • Comment titles: You no longer have to title your comments and you can reply to other people’s comments. You can also delete comments you’ve made, as well as unwanted comments on videos you’ve uploaded.
  • Blank video players: Our embeddable player now carries the keyframe of your video, and it has a full-featured related-videos carousel. With our 16:9 aspect-ratio, I think it’s probably the best embeddable player out there.

Source: http://www.yvideoblog.com/blog/2008/02/15/welcome-to-the-all-new-yahoo-video/

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