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Monday, February 18, 2008

New VideoCensus Service Provides Accurate Stream Counts and Granular Audience

Women Lead Online Network TV Viewing; Men Drawn to Consumer Generated Media

Nielsen Online, a service of The Nielsen Company, today announced the full release of VideoCensus, the first and only syndicated online video measurement service to combine patented panel and server research methodologies. Early findings reveal differences in how men and women consume video content and that online there is a new primetime.

“The growth projections for both online video consumption and video advertising revenue are phenomenal, and the market requires an innovative approach to measurement. The driving force behind the development of VideoCensus was the unanimous call from our clients to deliver the most relevant and accurate dataset possible,” said Dave Osborn, vice president, video measurement and media products, Nielsen Online. “With this release, we’ve taken a huge step in addressing the market’s need to harmonize panel- and server-based metrics and we are delighted by the accolades of major industry players who are supporting our forward thinking approach,” he continued.


“As a leader in online video, Turner requires excellence in research methodology,” said Jack Wakshlag, chief research officer for Turner Broadcasting System and VideoCensus client. “We've been debating the accuracy of panels and servers for years. VideoCensus measurement ends the debate about accurate counts of our video volume in the marketplace, while also providing Turner with relevant, high-quality audience demographics.”

“Comprehensive measurement of the online digital video landscape is equally important to marketers and publishers,” added Judit Nagy, vice president, consumer insights for Fox Interactive Media. “As with online audience measurement, having a reliable and trusted source for video metrics is a must have for the industry, and Nielsen Online is taking a leadership role by making technology advancements for the future.”

"As a leading provider of Internet video, it's imperative that MTV Networks has accurate tracking and reporting of streaming volume across our sites," said Colleen Fahey Rush, executive vice president, research, MTV Networks. "Products like Nielsen Online’s VideoCensus are essential in helping us meet that need, and capture the full value of our vast online library."



Video streams at broadcast network TV Web sites were nearly two times more likely to be viewed by women age 18-34 than men, who accounted for 22 percent and 12 percent of streams, respectively.

For the top four Consumer Generated Media Web sites, streams were two and a half times more likely to be viewed by men 18-34 than women, who accounted for 27 percent and 11 percent of streams, respectively.

“Network Web sites are destinations for fans to deepen their experience – they go to see favorite scenes, episodes and outtakes. These viewers are very loyal and engaged and the Web site is a place to become immersed in the program,” said Michael Pond, media analyst, Nielsen Online. ”With shorter clips and a viral nature, CGM Web sites are much more about discovery, and consumers are likely to view content on more than one.”


Nielsen Online reported that streaming activity at the top network TV Web sites over-indexed during the weekday lunchtime hours of 12 p.m. – 2 p.m. At consumer generated media Web sites, the most popular time for viewing was during late night hours on the weekend, between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

“These results indicate that the largest appetite for streaming broadcast content is during the noontime hours, when viewers take a break from work to catch up on the shows they enjoy,” said Pond. “Primetime visitors to network Web sites primarily enhance their TV viewing experience with features like online voting, Web-only promotions and other program specific content, although there is some interest in streaming network content during the evening as well.”


• 116.7 million unique viewers, or 73 percent of active Web users, watched approximately 6.2 billion video streams in December 2007

• The average viewer spent nearly two hours and 10 minutes watching online video content in the month of December

• Each viewer watched nearly 54 video streams during the month The No. 1 video site in December was YouTube, with 2.6 billion streams during the month, followed by Yahoo! with 371.9 million streams and Fox Interactive Media with 364.1 million streams (see Table 5).

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